Designing A Small Bathroom: 10 Tips

Small bathrooms can be a little complicated when trying to design and decorate. You don't want too much in your bathroom to make it look smaller than what it is, but there are some ways to design and decorate to actually make it look larger. See below for 10 design tips to design your small bathroom.

1. Paint With Light Colors

This decorating tip goes for any small room, painting with light colors will help to open up the room and give you room to breathe. It gives the illusion of a larger space.

2. Increase Counter Space

Even if you have room for a double sink, consider installing just a single sink. This will increase counter space around your sink and give you more elbow room when getting ready for your day in the bathroom. You will most likely use your counter when getting ready, more-so than using your sink.

3. Add Storage Above The Toilet

Install an over the toilet medicine cabinet to increase storage space. The medicine cabinet is the perfect depth to still give you elbow room, rather than installing a large cabinet that can take up extra space. You can install a medicine cabinet over your sink, but you won't have a large beautiful mirror to help reflect light.

4. Use A Large Vanity Mirror

Using a large vanity mirror will help reflect more light around your bathroom, as stated above. The light reflection will help give the illusion of a larger space. You can choose from numerous styles of mirrors to fit your style and taste.

5. Use Open Shelving

The use of open shelving to store your towels, toilet paper or other pretty essentials, like perfume bottles or bath salts, will help open up the room as well. You can just add one or two shelves on an open wall. Storing your nicer essentials will open up space beneath your sink, or in your medicine cabinet for items that aren't all that pretty.

6. Create Usable Space

Creating usable space without taking up visual space is a good idea. This depends on the type of bathroom layout you have, but if you can add something like a bathtub ledge that gives you an extra shelf, or a place to sit, do so. You aren't wasting any extra space and are actually creating a more usable space.

7. Add An Extra Deep Soaking Tub

An extra deep soaking tub with the same width of a normal bathtub will make you feel like you're sitting in a luxurious tub, without taking up any extra space. 

8. Install A Glass Shower Wall

Installing a glass shower door/wall will allow the eye to extend and create more depth to your room, rather than using a shower curtain. The use of a shower curtain in a small bathroom cuts off the room, making the room feel smaller.

9. Install Shower Tile To The Ceiling

Take your shower/tub tile all the way up to the ceiling. This will help give height to your bathroom.

10. Keep It Simple

Use neutral materials and colors, and keep it all simple. The simplicity will help make the room feel elegant and luxurious, without feeling overcrowded with different colors and materials competing with each other.

A small bathroom can be designed to feel larger and more luxurious using the few tips listed above. Talk to your contractor about other helpful tips to design your small bathroom. For more ideas or help, try contacting a company such as Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre with any questions or concerns you might have.