Cutting Up Old Driveway Concrete: Why Using A Jackhammer Is Harmful

If you need concrete removed so you can construct a new driveway, a jackhammer may have to be used for the task. It is in your best interest to leave using a jackhammer to an excavation company, using it to cut concrete on your own can lead to your body getting harmed. Below, you will learn why using a jackhammer for concrete cutting is harmful and how an excavation company can get the job done for you.

Why is Using a Jackhammer to Cut Up Concrete Harmful?

In order for a jackhammer to successfully cut up a concrete driveway, powerful vibrations must be released from it. It takes the vibrations and gravity for the concrete to be penetrated. The jackhammer must also move up and down at a steady pace, which is what can cause harm to your body.

As the jackhammer is moving up and down, the vibrations coming from it travels through the body and causes blood vessels to constrict. The reason blood vessels constrict is from spasms caused from the vibrations. You can then end up with Raynaud's phenomenon, which is a condition that can last for several hours that causes skin discoloration and numbness from poor blood circulation.

How Can an Excavation Company Help with Concrete Cutting?

The professional cutting up the concrete in your driveway from the excavation company can get Raynaud's phenomenon just like you. However, he or she will likely know how to cope with the symptoms better than you, as using a jackhammer is a part of working in the excavation industry. He or she will also know how to stay protected during the process by wearing steel toe boots and safety goggles.

An excavation professional will also know how to position the jackhammer on the concrete to maintain control, as losing control can lead to the electrical cord getting punctured and possible electrocution. It is important to position a jackhammer with a slight slant as the concrete is being cut. After all of the concrete is cut up, the excavation company will make sure it is discarded for you.

You can count on an excavation company to get the old concrete in your driveway cut up and removed in a speedy amount of time. Attempting to take on the project on your own by using a jackhammer can harm your blood vessels. Leave the hard work up to professionals, such as Coretech Industries (1991) Ltd, so you can stay safe!