Protecting Your Roof From Winter Storms

As the days and nights get colder, so do all the parts of your house. Every homeowner knows that their house needs protection from the elements so that it can survive the winter without falling apart around them. Your roof is no exception to this rule: it needs protection just like every other part of your home does. Roofs collapse quite often during the winter because people haven't maintained them the way that they should. However, if you want to ensure that your family stays safe this winter, then there are a few things that you should do in order to keep your roof intact and damage-free when winter comes.

Get Snow Buildup Removed Right Away

While you certainly don't have to remove the snow from your roof during every snowfall, it is a good idea to remove it once quite a bit of snow has covered the surface of your roof. Excess snow buildup can create a real problem by getting too heavy and damaging the structural integrity of your roof, which can lead to a roof cave-in. Therefore, if you notice a pile or a big drift of snow starting to form on your roof, you should connect with a good roofing company right away to get it removed.

Maintain Your Gutters

Since your storm gutters are attached to your roof in most instances, you need to check these on a regular basis to see if they have any leaves, snow, or other debris lingering in them that could present a hazard. If the gutters are blocked up by things, then they aren't draining properly, and if they can't drain the way that they should, then you can have a real problem. The gutters can ice over, which can create unnecessary pressure on your roof. Or the gutter could break and create an even bigger mess. If you want to be sure that your roof can survive the big winter storms when they come your way, then you should definitely get a crew out to inspect your gutters before the first major snowfall, if possible. If snow has already fallen, then get a team out to look at the gutters as soon as you can before the temperatures drop any further.

Make Sure That All Roof Shingles Are Secured

Along with snow, wind, and rain during winter storms, there is also wind. High winds can play a major role in roof damage if you have any loose shingles up there. For this reason, it is a good idea to have an inspection crew take a look at the shingles of your roof while they are performing other tasks. If they notice that any of the shingles are loose or missing, you should have the shingles replaced or repaired right away so that they don't blow off during a storm and leave your family exposed to the elements.

Winter storms can be quite mighty, and they can leave a lot of destruction in their wake, even if they are only composed of wind and snow. Fortunately, if you follow the tips outlined above, then you should be able to protect your roof from these storms, so you won't have to contend with a collapsed or damaged roof this season or in the years to come.