Why You Need A Professional To Help Restore Your Home Or Business After A Fire

If your home or business has been damaged in a fire, then no doubt the first thing you want to do is get your building back into shape so you can move your staff or your family back in. Doing this on your own can be even more difficult than you realized, even if the fire was very small and your building doesn't seem to have suffered much damage. Consider some very important reasons why you want to call a professional to help restore your home or business after a fire.

1. The chemicals used to extinguish a fire can be very damaging to your personal cleaning equipment

A fire is not always extinguished with plain water, but chemicals are often used to suppress the fire instead.

Using water on an electrical fire can actually be hazardous as water conducts electricity and water itself may not be enough to extinguish a very large fire. This is why firefighters often use foam suppressants to extinguish blazes, but these contain chemicals that can cause damage to your vacuum cleaner, wet-dry vacuum, and other cleaning equipment.

You may also find it virtually impossible to clean items with plain rags and mops since these cannot completely remove the chemicals and they will continue to cause etching and other damage.

2. Trying to clean damaged building materials can actually cause more damage

Drywall and other building materials that have been damaged in a fire are very fragile and trying to clean them with standard cleaning methods can actually cause even more damage. A professional company that specializes in fire restoration cleaning will know how to clean these materials thoroughly and effectively without causing them to crumble and shred. So you will not have to replace as much material once the cleanup is finished.

3. Without the right equipment, cleanup can be ineffective and take far too long

A professional company that specializes in fire restoration services will have the right equipment that will remove water and soot from carpeting. They will also be able to steam away soot and chemicals from drapes, building materials, and the like. If you tried to clean all these items by hand, you may miss some damage that is underneath the carpeting or behind walls. Also, it may take you weeks to do a job that a professional company could do in hours.

Remember these reasons why you should always call a professional fire restoration company, such as ServiceMaster Restore, when your home or business has suffered a fire of any sort.