2 Reasons To Use Recycled Building Materials

Recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular with contractors and home builders, mostly because of the many benefits they can provide. Here are two reasons why you should utilize recycled building materials:

To Save Money

One of the biggest draws to using recycled building materials is the fact that they can save you quite a bit of money. The recycled materials you can purchase range from roofing materials to planks of lumber. While much of the recycled materials you find are going to be in pretty decent shape, you can save even more money by buying items that are a bit damaged, but still structurally sound.

For example, you may find that you can get a good price on recycled lumber, but it may be stained or scratched. That damage will enable you to get the wood for a great price. But since it's still strong, it can be either restored or used in an area of the home that people will never see. An example of this would be using the wood inside your walls, in the basement, or even in the garage.

The lower cost of recycled materials can also help you afford materials that may otherwise be outside of your price range. Slate and copper roofing tiles, for example, are often recycled because they outlast the buildings they are installed on. By utilizing slate and copper tiles that have been recycled, you can end up with a very high quality and beautiful roof for a fraction of the cost of buying those materials new.

To Help the Environment 

In addition to saving you money, the recycled materials can also help the environment. An example of this would be utilizing recycled metals when building your house. If your metal roofing, pipes, or fixtures have been made out of recycled materials, you are reducing the need for more metal to be mined, refined, and shaped. Additionally, less energy will need to be expended to power the necessary mining and refining machinery, which is also great for the environment.

Recycled building materials are especially great for the environment because they will reduce the amount of useable building materials that end up in landfills every year. This will not only decrease the need for larger landfills, but it will also help reduce pollution.

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