How To Take Care Of Your New Paved Driveway

If you are planning on having your driveway paved soon (by professionals such as Hamilton Paving), you are probably looking forward to your new investment. To help protect your investment so that it will last as long as possible without any problems, however, aftercare is important. This means that you should follow these tips after having your driveway paved to keep it in excellent condition. By following these tips and continuing with good maintenance in the future, you can ensure that your investment is as well cared for as possible.

Give it a Few Days

Both concrete and asphalt driveways need a couple of days before they are ready to be driven on. This is because it can take quite a while for that much concrete or asphalt to dry. Ask your paving contractor about the proper waiting period, and make sure that you abide by it. Although you're probably excited about using your new driveway as soon as possible, this step is very important if you want to prevent permanent damage.

Don't Turn Your Steering Wheel

When driving on your new driveway, avoid turning your steering wheel sharply. Also, avoid turning your steering wheel when your vehicle isn't in motion. Otherwise, you could cause indentations on your new driveway from the excess pressure.

Move Your Car Around

Don't park your car in the same spot every day. Otherwise, the added weight could cause that part of your driveway to sink if it hasn't fully dried and settled. Instead, park in a few different places over the first few months. Then, you can help ensure that the weight is more evenly distributed across the entire paved surface.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Be careful about placing sharp objects on your driveway at first. While your driveway is still new, things like bicycle kickstands, jacks and the legs on lawn furniture can all cause indentations and other imperfections. Keep them off of your driveway for as long as possible to keep it in good condition, at least in the beginning. In fact, avoiding putting these things on your driveway at all can help prevent scratches, dents and other problems.

Taking good care of your new paved driveway in the first few months is important. Then, you can help ensure that your driveway looks great for many years to come. Keep these tips in mind, and your driveway should function properly and look amazing for as many years as possible.