4 Reasons People Choose Detached Garages for Luxury Homes

Residential garages originally were constructed separate from the home, but people came to appreciate the convenience of attached garages. It may be surprising to see how many newer, higher-end homes have a detached garage instead of an attached one. Why do people choose detached garages when they're having a custom home built?

Why People Choose Detached Garages

Home Appearance

Attached garages typically are situated facing the street and directly next to the house, making them part of the front view of the home. As garages have tended to increase in size over the years, they have often come to dominate a home's front exterior. Many people aren't happy with that design, particularly for a luxury home. 

A detached garage becomes less of a focal point, which is especially important when the garage will be quite large. When a four-stall or five-stall garage is set off to the side and the doors don't face the road, it's not nearly as noticeable. 


Homeowners who want a new house in an older style know it won't look authentic with an attached garage. An historically accurate bungalow, for instance, does not have an attached garage. The garage is typically set toward the back at the end of a long driveway, or in an alley in back of the house. 

More Options

When choosing a detached garage, property owners don't need to consider blending this component in with the rest of the house's exterior appearance. Instead, they can choose from designs ranging from an elaborate carriage house to a simple, functional structure without any noteworthy stylistic features. The garage is still harmonious with the home, but the design does not have to completely match.

On the other hand, a detached garage can reflect the home's design. A Colonial Revival home, for instance, can include a detached garage constructed in that style as well, almost appearing like a small house alongside the main one. 

Non-Storage Uses

Someone in the family may want to have a workshop in the garage for woodworking or vehicle repair. A detached garage provides privacy for the person working inside and less noise for the people in the house. 

What about Inconvenience? 

It's true that a detached garage doesn't have the convenient doorway leading directly to the house. A breezeway or covered walkway could be constructed, however, so nobody needs to brave uncooperative weather elements. Those features can be very attractive in appearance as well as functional. They can be used as sunrooms, porches, and patios. 

Concluding Thoughts

Talk with home builders like Road's End Contracting Ltd about the style of house you're most interested in having constructed and whether a detached or attached garage would be most suitable. If you choose the detached version, consider the various options for size and design and get the builder's views as well. All these steps will help you be truly satisfied with your new luxury home.