Tips For Construction And Paving Safety At All Times

Paving roadways and parking lots can be a dangerous job. When you start to think about it, many injuries can occur from a vehicle driving into your path, a pavement that's too hot, and even a truck backing up over your foot. It is important that you are always taking the necessary precautions needed when paving roadways so that no one is injured.

Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Co-Workers Safe

1. First and foremost, you should always set up barricades around your work area. These barricades should be orange in color to let drivers and others know to use caution when in the area.

The barricades should be set up within a safe distance so that drivers have enough time to avoid you and your equipment. If you set a barricade too close to the work site, you may wind up with injuries due to a driver not having enough time to merge or maneuver around the area.

2. Next, you should always have someone directing traffic around the area where you are working. For instance, if your co-workers are unloading pavement onto the ground, make sure that there is someone standing near a barricade with a flag telling traffic to slow down or stop when needed.

If you fail to direct traffic, you may wind up with a driver or two not paying attention, which can lead to an accident.

3. Next, all construction workers and pavers should be wearing protective gear and vests that are brightly colored and visible to drivers. At night, workers should all have reflective vests so that drivers can easily identify them before they drive up on them.

4. Lastly, you should ensure that there are designated entrance and exit points for all construction and paving equipment. It is also important to move trucks and equipment when there is a gap in traffic as not to scare or impede traffic.

Construction Injury Statistics

Work injuries occur throughout all scopes of business; however, the construction sector can be dangerous than many other types of working conditions out there. For instance, OSHA reported that in 2013, 16 percent of all fatal work injuries involved contractors.

In 2013, 4,101 fatalities occurred in the private industry and out of that number, 20 percent involved construction workers. OSHA also reported that the most commonly occurring deaths are caused from electrocutions, falls, being caught in between equipment, and being struck by objects. For more information, you might consider contacting a paving company in your local area, such as Pave-Core Paving Inc.