How to Add Spray Foam Insulation to Windows and Doors

As wooden doors and windows get older, they often lose their air-tight seal. This can greatly affect the energy efficiency of your property: forcing you to run your heating and air conditioning at a higher level. You can save money and run a more energy efficient household by simply adding foam insulation into the frames of your windows and doors.

What You Need for the Job

First, you will need a cordless power drill with a ½" wood drill bit. You will also need wood putty and the matching paint or stain. A sponge sander is also necessary for smoothing down the putty after it dries.

Most importantly, you need spray-foam insulation. Make sure that you do not buy expanding foam, as it could displace and warp the wood. It is possible to buy disposable foam cans that are compact and easy to use. However, these cans do not last very long. You might end up using several cans on a single door frame. This can end up being more expensive. Using foam insulation mix is very easy; you just need to rent a spray gun. This allows you to spray greater amounts of foam without constantly needing to refill or replace the can.

Spraying the Foam

First, drill holes near the top and bottom (2 in total) of the vertical pieces of the door or window. Then, drill 3 or 4 holes into the horizontal sides of molding. Spray the foam into the top edges of molding first. Spray into one hole until the foam starts to come out of the next. This way you know the area between the two holes is well insulated. Clean the foam immediately before it dries onto the wood frame.

Filling and Sanding the Holes

Once the foam is dry, you can fill the holes with putty. Just use your finger to fill in the small ½" holes. At this point you might as well fill any additional dents or dings in your frames. Once they are dry, sand them down with a sponge sander. 300 grit paper (or higher) will leave finish that is smooth and paintable.

All you have to do now is paint your frame with the appropriate product. Hopefully, you have paint leftover from your original paint job. If not, you will need to try and match it as best as you can. This is usually quite easy if you have traditional white frames.

This simple upgrade can greatly increase the insulation of your windows and doors. You will notice that your heating and air conditioning systems are more efficient and cheaper to run. For assistance, contact a professional like High Country Insulation.