Creating A Patio For Year-Round Enjoyment

Edmonton summers can seem rather short, bit that doesn't mean you can't get a lot of great use out of your outdoor patio. If you have a backyard space you would like to convert to a patio or entertainment area, here are just a few options for creating a cozy space you can use even on cold days.

Build A Covered Patio

Building a patio with a roof can provide shade in the summer and make it easy to attach plastic walls to each side of the patio for winter use. This lets you create an indoor patio space for the winter while still providing a breezy place for relaxing in the summer. This option also helps to keep snow off of the patio area so you can sneak out for a morning cup of coffee or tea as you watch the snow fall.

Add A Fireplace

If you are planning on building a concrete patio, a fireplace can make a wonderful addition to your space. Talk to your concrete contractor about creating a built-in fireplace with a circle of concrete bench seating that provides warmth for everyone sitting on the patio. You can add plush outdoor cushions to the concrete benches for the summer, and simply remove them in the winter to keep them from being damaged by snow and ice. You can enjoy an evening in front of the toasty fire on the frostiest winter nights, letting you get even more enjoyment out of your patio area.

Create An Outdoor Kitchen

There's no wrong time of the year to barbecue, and adding an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to make use of your patio space. For this option, you should have a roof over your patio so you can protect the kitchen from the snow (you'll also want to add a tarp or cover to the grill). Work with your concrete contractor to create a counter area for food prep that provides enough room for you to slide a large grill into the kitchen area on your patio. With the right preparations, you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor kitchen you can use any time of year.

Work with your concrete contractor to come up with all the small details that make your patio beautiful, such as small concrete walls that define the space or concrete pavers that create the look of natural stone on your patio floor. Use these ideas to create a patio you can use all year round, and enjoy the beauty of every season in Edmonton. For assistance, talk to a professional like Sieben Cement Contractors Ltd.