Four Durable Choices For Domestic Wood On Docks, Decks And Paths In Wet Environments

If you have a home on waterfront property, choosing the right materials for things like decks and docks is important. The wet environment can cause excessive wear, which is why it is important to choose the right materials. You may not want to use conventional materials like treated pine. Ash, cedar and other materials can be more resistant to wet environments. Here are some of the choices you may want to consider for your outdoor wood projects:

1. Cedar Lumber For An Affordable Wood Surface

If you are looking for an affordable choice for wood surfaces, cedar can be a great choice. There are red and white cedar products to give you a choice of different colors. Cedar also has the benefit of being naturally resistant to weathering, which makes it a great choice for marine environments. Cedar will need an occasional sealant, but is very resistant to rot and insects.

2. Hard, Durable Wood Surfaces With Eastern White Oak

If you want to have a material that is a little more durable, white oak can be a great choice. It is going to be a little costlier, but it has a much tougher surface than cedar. This can be a good choice for decking on docks, as well as other structural features, such as beams and posts for docks, decks and paths. White oak can be a durable material with care and regular sealing. You may also want to watch for insect problems with oak materials.

3. American Ash Species For A Durable Surface With A Natural Look

American ash is another great choice for a durable wood surface in a wet environment. It is naturally resistant to weathering, and has a nice light color with wide grain patterns. This can be a good choice if you want to give your wood surfaces a natural finish. It can also be a little more affordable than hardwoods like oak. You will want to use a sealant with ash, as well as keep an eye out for insect problems.

4. Naturally Weather Resistant Surfaces With Cypress Lumber

If you are looking for a wood that is naturally resistant to exposure to moisture, cypress will be one of your best choices. It is also a heavy wood that is white in color and can be a great choice for a natural finish. It will be one of the more costly woods to choose from, but it can last for many years with just an occasional coat of oil to protect it from the elements.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider for your outdoor woodworking projects. If you are ready to give your property weather resistant wood features, contact a Okanagan Dock construction contractor and talk with them about using some of these materials for your project.