Tips for Protecting Your Family Restaurant's Asphalt Patio From Excessive Wear

If your family restaurant has an outdoor seating area that is located on an asphalt patio, then it is important to protect the asphalt's surface from damage caused by your customers and staff repeatedly coming into contact with it. By actively avoiding things that can pit and crack the asphalt, you can keep it looking wonderful for years to come.

Follow these tips to protect the longevity and fresh look of your restaurant's asphalt patio surface:

Buy Asphalt-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

When you are choosing the outdoor furniture for your guests to use, you must pick out a furniture style that has large pads on the legs of the tables and chairs. Thin legs place too much weight in a small area and will chip holes into the asphalt as your customers move them around. In addition, tables and chairs with wider legs will also be more stable on your patio while your customers are eating their food. Thin legs will wiggle back and forth on the asphalt's uneven surface.

Plant Grass to the Edge of the Asphalt

Since the edge of your asphalt patio is not stable, people repeatedly walking across it will wear down the edge and can lead to cracking. For this reason, you should plant grass up to the very edge of the asphalt to help add stability. If it is practical, you should add landscaping plants or a fence to discourage your staff and customers from walking on the edges of your asphalt surfaces. Additionally, you should remind your building's landscape service not to drive their equipment over the edges of the asphalt when they are mowing the grass because this will also damage the asphalt.

Institute an Employee Shoe Mandate

While you cannot control what types of shoes that your customers wear while they are at your restaurant, you should instruct your employees that they are not to wear high heels or shoes with metal in their soles at work. Repeatedly walking on your patio wearing these types of shoes will chip and damage the patio's surface.

Actively Monitor the Patio's Surface for Signs of Damage

Finally, ask your employees and cleaning crew to actively monitor the patio's surface and notify you at the first signs of any new discoloration, cracks, chips, or potholes. The earlier you know there is a problem with your family restaurant's asphalt patio's surface, the less money the repair is likely to cost you. If you do have any damage or wear to your asphalt, consider hiring a local asphalt repair service, such as asphalt resurfacing by Bulldog Paving.