3 Reasons To Keep Employees Hydrated In The Workplace

Hydration is an important as aspect of human health that can provide a wealth of benefits. In fact, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated for a number of reasons. It is also essential that you, as a manager, understand the reasons why your employees should stay hydrated. A dehydrated employee could leave you with a world of problems on your hands. Fortunately, understanding why employees needs to stay hydrated will help you ensure that they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Helps to Avoid Heat Related Illnesses 

According to OSHA's article 1915.88(b)(2), all employers are required to provide their employees with enough potable drinking water to meet their health and personal needs. Despite the regulations put into place, thousands of workers suffer from heat related illnesses every year. Simply providing enough water to keep you workers thoroughly hydrated can help you avoid the issues related to heat illnesses.

If an employee happens to suffer from heat illness, you could find yourself facing a large, expensive, and unnecessary lawsuit. You should setup various drink stations throughout your workplace to ensure employees drink enough water. If you manage employees that perform outdoor work, such as construction workers, make sure they have plenty of portable water on hand to keep them cool.

You can make arrangements with a water supplier in order to make sure you are stocked up with plenty of water for your employees. If you are not sure how much water you need, a professional can assist you. You will need to let the supplier know how many people you have. Providing the type of work the employees do can also help the supplier understand how much water you will need.

Combats Fatigue Throughout the Day

Coffee seems to be a staple for many workers considering that 55% of workers drink a minimum of a cup of coffee on workdays. Many employees cater to the demand of coffee lovers by offering a coffee brewer in the breakroom. However, providing coffee to your employees may very well make them sleepy rather than waking them. Instead, provide them with water.

In truth, coffee acts as a diuretic, which means that it increases your need to empty your bladder. The more you urinate throughout the day, the more water your body loses. When your body lacks water, your blood flow slows, thus making you feel sleepy. If you really wish to make your employees feel more energized throughout the day, encourage them to drink more water and less caffeinated beverages.

Improves Cognition and Productivity

Improved cognitive functions allow employees to focus more while at work, which means improved levels of productivity. Continuous improvements in productivity can make the difference between a company that survives and a company that fails. If your employees lack cognitive functions, it can jeopardize the success of your business. Fortunately, you can improve cognition with water.

A study revealed that test participants who drank roughly 24 ounces of water prior to taking a series of cognitive tests performed better than those who drank no water at all. In other words, your brain is just as thirsty for water as it is for knowledge, and satisfying a thirst for water may very well help to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

By drinking water, you make it easier for your brain to stay focused and perform daily tasks. Your brain is capable of retaining knowledge and memories, which in turn makes you more productive in the workplace. The same is also true about your employees. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you speak with a water supplier (like The Waterman water delivery) to ensure that you keep your employees thoroughly hydrated throughout the day.