Why Use Screw Piles?

Steel or composite screw pile foundations are sometimes used as an alternative for concrete foundations. Sometimes called helical piles or screw anchors, they can be used for simple projects like signs or masts and complex projects like towers, roads and railroads. However, if you're only used to concrete foundations and need to complete a personal project, you may be unsure whether to use screw piles or not. Why might you use these foundations?

1. Quicker Installation

When you use concrete for the foundations that you need for various structures, there is an inevitable waiting time. Concrete must cure, or dry, before your project can continue. When using steel or composite piles, they simply need to be placed where you want your foundation to go. When you're sure that you have enough piles for your project, as determined by the engineers and contractors on site, work can go on without delay.

2. Less Concern Over Soil Issues

If your site's soil has been excavated and it is sandy or silty clay, you may already have concerns about the viability of a concrete foundation. Clay will tend to expand when it's wet and then shrink when it dries, which can wreak havoc on a foundation made of concrete. Composite or steel piles, however, will remain unaffected.

3. Less Waste

When you use a concrete foundation, you will need to clear away soil. Not only does this cause delays, but waste that you need to know what to do with. With screw piles, soil can stay where it is.

4. Easier Removal

If you ever want to make changes or remove a structure altogether, screw piles makes that adjustment easy. They can simply be lifted up and transported elsewhere. Concrete foundations are much more difficult to take down. In addition, you will need to make plans for what to do with the concrete pieces you no longer need.

5. Overall Lower Cost

Cost is important for any project being done on your personal property or work sites. Because a project done with screw piles won't be delayed by concrete curing times, soil removal and more work days requiring more labor costs, you may realize that using them will ultimately cost you less than concrete.

Learning more about screw piles as a foundation for your projects can reveal even more perks than those listed here. Ask your contractor whether these piles are appropriate for work you need done. Contact a service, like Alberta Screw Piles LTD., for more help.