Why Use Screw Piles?

Steel or composite screw pile foundations are sometimes used as an alternative for concrete foundations. Sometimes called helical piles or screw anchors, they can be used for simple projects like signs or masts and complex projects like towers, roads and railroads. However, if you're only used to concrete foundations and need to complete a personal project, you may be unsure whether to use screw piles or not. Why might you use these foundations? [Read More]

Light Up The Holiday Season: 4 Tips For A Safe And Efficient Light Display

The holiday season is near, and you are probably dreaming of a grandiose lighting display you want to install outside your home. While holiday lighting is fun and magical, it is also important to be smart about how many lights you use. Here are some tips for setting up a safe and efficient holiday light display: Pay Attention to Wattage Before you even put the lights on the house, check to see how many watts they require. [Read More]

How To Prevent Ice Dams

One of the biggest risks to your roof and home's structure during the winter is the formation of ice dams. They do not just occur from freezing temperatures, but the difference between cold and hot temperatures. Ice dams are formed when snow on your roof melts due to the warmth coming through your attic or top floor of your home, which then causes it to run down the roof and re-freeze, turning into icicles at the edge of the roof. [Read More]

Types Of Hardwood Flooring

If you are thinking about upgrading your floors with hardwood, you have several options available to you. The different types of hardwood flooring each provide a different benefit and drawback. From the sleek, sophisticated style of engineered hardwood, to the stability and class of solid hardwood, you will enjoy each of these selections. Here are some different types of hardwood flooring to consider for your home. Solid Hardwood Floors The first type of hardwood flooring you can expect to find for your home is solid hardwood flooring. [Read More]