Four Durable Choices For Domestic Wood On Docks, Decks And Paths In Wet Environments

If you have a home on waterfront property, choosing the right materials for things like decks and docks is important. The wet environment can cause excessive wear, which is why it is important to choose the right materials. You may not want to use conventional materials like treated pine. Ash, cedar and other materials can be more resistant to wet environments. Here are some of the choices you may want to consider for your outdoor wood projects: [Read More]

Creating A Patio For Year-Round Enjoyment

Edmonton summers can seem rather short, bit that doesn't mean you can't get a lot of great use out of your outdoor patio. If you have a backyard space you would like to convert to a patio or entertainment area, here are just a few options for creating a cozy space you can use even on cold days. Build A Covered Patio Building a patio with a roof can provide shade in the summer and make it easy to attach plastic walls to each side of the patio for winter use. [Read More]

Understanding Construction Light Tower Rental

If you are looking to handle any sort of construction during the evening hours, it is of the utmost importance to have the highest quality light tower rentals available. Read on so that you can understand how to get your hands on such a rental, while also making the most of it. Tip #1: Understand The Needs And Specifications For Your Construction Light Tower Rental Since light towers come in all different types and sizes, you should consider the needs of your construction site. [Read More]

Why Is Road Dust Bad?

If you maintain an unpaved road, then you've probably had to deal with the pervasive problem of dust. Even if you weren't aware of the problems caused by road dust, you have probably felt their negative effects. In order to understand why you might want to consider a solution such as dust compaction, here are some of those problems dust causes: What is road dust and why is it a problem? [Read More]