How to Add Spray Foam Insulation to Windows and Doors

As wooden doors and windows get older, they often lose their air-tight seal. This can greatly affect the energy efficiency of your property: forcing you to run your heating and air conditioning at a higher level. You can save money and run a more energy efficient household by simply adding foam insulation into the frames of your windows and doors. What You Need for the Job First, you will need a cordless power drill with a ½" [Read More]

Tips For Construction And Paving Safety At All Times

Paving roadways and parking lots can be a dangerous job. When you start to think about it, many injuries can occur from a vehicle driving into your path, a pavement that's too hot, and even a truck backing up over your foot. It is important that you are always taking the necessary precautions needed when paving roadways so that no one is injured. Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Co-Workers Safe [Read More]

4 Reasons People Choose Detached Garages for Luxury Homes

Residential garages originally were constructed separate from the home, but people came to appreciate the convenience of attached garages. It may be surprising to see how many newer, higher-end homes have a detached garage instead of an attached one. Why do people choose detached garages when they're having a custom home built? Why People Choose Detached Garages Home Appearance Attached garages typically are situated facing the street and directly next to the house, making them part of the front view of the home. [Read More]

Three Great Tips To Care For Your Refrigeration System

Whether you work in the restaurant industry, own a convenience store or run a medical lab, you'll need to focus on refrigeration maintenance to get the most out of your business. There are some quality tips that you can follow on that note, so that your cooling units are always useful and efficiently kept. Follow these three refrigeration tips below, so that your business can thrive with the best cooling potential. [Read More]